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Could there be films that positively communicate wonderful deep concepts?  Is it possible to have stories that encourage the heart and inspire personal greatness without being cheesy or corny?
At AFS we have discovered that there are just such films, some only a minute long, others 10:00, still others 30:00 long.  Let’s screen them together and then talk about what we have just experienced!  That is what we do in the monthly screenings at AFS.   AFS has already secured a number of short films as we create a digital archive of films and will be making them available online and on special DVD compilation reels.  AFS members have access to these films.
Altarnet Film Society
The Altarnet Film Society (a division of the Altarnet nonprofit corporation) is organized for the digital preservation, archiving and distribution of film and digital moving pictures, short films and feature films that have a transcendent theme, story or experience. The Altarnet Film Society (AFS) is committed to advance cooperation and community among these filmmakers, AFS patrons, TV and Film industry professionals and general audiences.
The Altarnet Film Society has created a number of opportunities and forums to accomplish these goals, among them are AFS local chapters organized to screen AFS compilation reels for the public in weekly, monthly and local AFS festival events. 
AFS is seeking to create opportunities to screen the AFS complication reels in public forums that foster a positive and creative atmosphere conducive to dialog and conversation about the films’ message or experience. Ultimately it is AFS mission to get this collection of films seen and experienced by as many people as possible in digital theaters or online. shapeimage_4_link_0
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