is a Co-founding Organization of the Damah Film Festival
The Damah Film Festival was established in January 2001 and has conducted five annual juried short film competitions with cash awards, featured in a 3-day annual festival event.  The first three year’s festivals were in Seattle each October and then moved in 2005 to a spring event in Hollywood and in 2006 to near by Culver City, CA.  In 2004 Damah sponsored a Best of Damah screening short film festival event in Park City as a parallel sub-festival during Sundance.
The Damah Film Festival’s theme is “Spiritual Experiences in Film” and has found a significant niche in the world of short film festivals.  An alliance of five organizations came together to form the non-profit Damah Film Festival.  Get the latest on this year’s Damah at www.damah.com
As of September 2006, Patrick J. McGuire has resigned from the Damah Film Festival Board of Directors and Altarnet has withdrawn from the organization in order to fully focus on the Altarnet Film Fest and Altarnet Film Society.  We remain supportive of Damah and its founding vision and encourage filmmaker participation in the Damah Film Festival competitions and events.
Cyndi & Pat McGuire
Altarnet Founders