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is about effectively reaching emerging generations in MEDIA

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Urban Altarnet Malawi’s Request 10

is aired 4 hours daily at 4p & 10p

Dr. Paul Chinchen, President of the African Bible Colleges and Altarnet’s President, Patrick McGuire bring the ministries together to launch ABC-TV 21, Malawi on August 16,2012.

Altarnet is providing the initial broadcast systems design, installation, training and programming development.  In addition, Altarnet is supplying the entire Urban Altarnet library of videos with the TV production training to make ABC the official Urban Altarnet hub for Africa.

ABC has had an FM radio station for 17 years, but is starting from scratch to launch into TV Broadcasting. This is a God inspired opportunity to be a Faith and Family values influence with the TV MEDIA.

Programs focus on the WORD, Worship and Youth/Kids outreach with solid discipleship teaching and local church and missions participation.

Altarnet Missions has formed an Alliance with African Bible Colleges Television to PLANT the 1st Missions Broadcast TV Station in Africa!

Altarnet is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are TAX deductible under USA IRS Tax Code

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